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Full Body Waxing / Sugaring / Facials / Chemical Peel / Microblading

Full Body Waxing / Sugaring / Facials / Chemical Peel / Microblading

Full Body Waxing / Sugaring / Facials / Chemical Peel / MicrobladingFull Body Waxing / Sugaring / Facials / Chemical Peel / Microblading


Questions & Answers

 How long do I have to wait before my first wax?

  • For best waxing results, we need your hair to be at least one-fourth of an inch long. This is an average of 2 weeks of growth. Yes, it seems like a long time to grow, but it’s worth the waxing results​. The longer the hair the better the results, especially first time waxing clients.

I got my eyebrows waxed once and some skin came off, why is that?

  • There can be several reasons for this. If you are using skin care products that contain salicylic acid, glycolic acid or alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA) of any kind, these can cause the skin to lift while waxing. Another cause is aggressive exfoliation such as microdermabrasion or chemical peels. Prescription medication such as antibiotics, accutane, retin-a, renova, strivectin, proactive and avage can cause thinning of the skin which results in lifting during waxing. My recommendation is that if you are unsure about what you are using will affect the service , just ask. But it is still difficult to predict how every skin type will react no matter how many precautions are taken.

Is there anything I should do to prepare for waxing and to be comfortable?

  • Yes! There are a few options. You can taken ibuprofen at least 45 minutes before your waxing service, as long as this does not contradict what your doctor has told you. If you are a female client, schedule your waxing service the first 2 weeks after your cycle. Your sensitivity level is a lot less during this time. Avoid caffeine and alcohol, since these are stimulants they can make you more sensitive and increase redness after waxing. Pregnancy also increases sensitivity.

How long will my skin stay red?

  • It depends on the skin type. For most people the redness is mostly gone after 30 minutes to an hour. Avoid perfumes, scrubs and other irritants the day of your service. For brides or if you are going to a special occasion, I recommend waxing a month before to see how your skin reacts. If everything is fine, schedule another wax a day or two before your event

How long does the hair have to be in order to wax?

  • Hair should be about ¼ inch long for all bikini and body services. A good way to test this is to pull your hair with the balls of your fingers and move them around, If the hair is still between your fingers the hair in long enough.

How long will it take for my hair to grow back?

  • Clients typically schedule appointments on a 4-6 week basis for all body waxing services.  All hair types are different, but as you wax, each time your hair tends to get thinner, lighter and much more soft.

Should I trim my hair before coming in?

  • It is best to leave the hair as long as possible before waxing. The longer the hair, the easier it will be for the wax to grab on to it. Sometimes trimming causes the hair to be too short, leave it to us!

What should I do to prepare for my wax?

  • Lots of helpful information is on our pre-wax page, click here:

Can I wax on my period?

  • Yes! We just ask clients to wear a tampon during the service.  You may be a little more sensitive, but if you’re worried about what we will think- don’t worry, if you don’t care, we don’t care!

Can you wax ‘mature’ skin?

  • Yes.  However, we are unable to wax if clients are on certain medications or anti-wrinkle/anti-aging creams. These creams contain ingredients that make your skin “lift” which almost looks like a little burn mark. Ingredients in these products are retinol, alpha hydroxyl acids, tretinoin, bleaching agents like hydroquinone.

“I’m worried about the pain, what can I do to reduce it?”

  • Taking anti-inflammatory medications such as Advil or Tylenol approximately 45 minutes prior to your appointment will help ease the discomfort.  But don’t be alarmed, the wax we use is a hypoallergenic wax created for sensitive skin. We promise you will be just fine, you’re getting waxed by the best. Clients most common comment after waxing is “OH WOW THAT WASN’T BAD AT ALL!”

“I’m not exactly sure what service I am looking to have done…”

  • If you are unsure of what service you would like to have done, feel free to discuss it with your esthetician so we can book the proper amount of time for the appointment. If you can grow it, we can wax it! 

Do a lot of people get Brazilians?

  • Yes! Here at getwaxxed, Brazilians are the most popular service. We are professionally trained and specialize in waxing the bikini area. We perform over 20 brazilians a day for both women AND men!

Do a lot of males come in for waxing?

  • Yes.  About 30% of our clientele are men. We offer brow and body waxing for male clients, we offer all waxing services for men- including the manzilian! .

What should I do in between appointments?

  • Exfoliate! To ensure your next wax is smoother and prevent ingrown hairs, we suggest exfoliating every day in the shower. By doing this, dead skin and oils are removed from the surface of the skin so the hair is able to grow back evenly with minimal irritation. Click here:

Should I tweeze or shave in between waxes?

  • If your waxing appointments do not coordinate with your monthly schedule, tweezing is a quick fix. We strongly advise our clients not to shave in between visits because shaving disrupts the hair growth and will make your next wax more uncomfortable. Let’s stay away from the razor!